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Helping leaders, teams and organizations transform through the archetypal power of horses in a ranch environment is a dream come true. After decades in leadership roles within high tech & professional services firms, we experienced the transformational power of horses on a spontaneous dude ranch vacation.  


Although I had spent a fair amount of time with horses in my life, Doug could only vaguely recall a painful 2-hour trail ride and swore he’d never do it again.  Thankfully somehow Doug said “yes” to my curious longing and agreed to come along. Connecting with the horses on this trip opened me to a profound experience of joy and freedom that I had not felt in a long time. 

We returned from the dude ranch committed to “following the thread” of this deep heart connection with the horses, unsure of where it would lead us.  Doug and I began to spend more time with horses and learned quickly how much they were teaching each of us about leadership, connection, and the spirit of our professional and personal lives.


We knew this was something we wanted to share with other executives and were excited to combine our decades of business leadership with the extraordinary wisdom of horses. After exploring several pathways forward – we purchased Higher Ground Ranch - a 28-acre ranch in beautiful Bennett Valley, California. 


The journey has been anything but a straight line.  We’ve faced fires, floods, and the impact of COVID shutting down the business, to name just a few obstacles.  We’ve learned a lifetime of lessons, and yet our commitment to our dream never waned. 


Our purpose is more clear than ever - to help people achieve life, leadership and performance breakthroughs through the power of nature, horses, the ranch and our curated support. We are thrilled with the extraordinary outcomes we have achieved thus far for our clients. We look forward to learning about your goals and how we can help you bring them to reality. 

Yours very truly,

Chris and Doug

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Meet The Team

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