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Margie McDonald

Equine Director

Margie McDonald is a horse trainer and riding instructor who has worked in the horse industry for over 35 years.

She strives to teach people a deeper understanding of the equine personality including increasing the awareness of how horses are continuously “talking” to us. She explains that they use their bodies, eyes, ears, and tails, to communicate how they are feeling and what they are thinking.

Horses are authentic in their response to their environment and react organically to the world around them. Margie teaches that horses are in a constant conversation with us, and she enjoys showing people how to connect to them by learning to see the world as they do. She coaches people on how to slow down and pay attention to the conversation and signals that the horses are giving them.

Over all the years that she has been working with horses, she finds it a pleasure and a privilege to be able to teach people how generous, authentic, and kind horses can be. Margie believes that her relationship with horses is based on doing her best to understand what they are saying, and then teaching others how to interpret and understand the language of horses and learn their world.

Margie is also the author of Notes from the Barn, My Life with Horses.

Margie McDonald
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