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Doug Crawford

Co-Founder/Co-Managing Partner

Doug is Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner of The Higher Ground Group with over 30 years of experience in business management as both a business leader and management consultant.

Doug’s past leadership roles include executive positions leading organizations in the consumer products and professional services sectors. His management consulting experience spans team and leadership development, organizational strategy, business planning and execution, and general/financial management.

One day, while amongst a herd of 30 rescue horses roaming freely in a pasture, Doug realized the power of partnering with horses as co-teachers. After several years of experiencing the powerfully effective dynamics of horses and their authentic behavior, these firsthand observations ignited his interest in how organizations, leaders and teams can realize their full potential.

By integrating business planning and organizational development practices with team based visual collaborations and equine guided experiences, Doug guides clients through a unique approach of integrated business planning and team/leadership development. The process is customized for each client and results in high impact execution.

When not engaged in client work or managing ranch operations, he spends time with our herd members, especially his equine co-partner Sir Galloway. Doug’s also served on several non-profit boards and held numerous business advisory positions, appeared in The Wall Street Journal, and played a contributing role in the research and interviews that were used for writing The Art of Happiness at Work, by Howard Cutler, in partnership with The 14th Dalai Lama.

Licenses & Certifications

  • Master Herder (Eponaquest) Certified Instructor

  • E3A: Equine Experiential Education Certified Practitioner

  • Executive Coaching Certificate

Doug Crawford
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