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team building exercise

For executives and their teams, the team program is a 1 to 3-day offsite at the ranch that foundationally activates deeper levels of trust, collaboration, connection and aligned purpose leading to new levels of team performance and satisfaction.


Pre-retreat preparation includes a discussion of your current business conditions, your goals and intentions, and completion of the Master Herder team assessment tool by all team members.  Results are sent to attendees in advance of the offsite and a review of the results is done with each attendee before arriving at the ranch.

The ranch retreat is customized to support your specific outcomes and incorporates equine activities, de-brief discussion, individual reflection and applied exercises to integrate learning into day-to-day operations.  Leaders and their teams will return from their time together having developed a:

  1. New level of trust and openness across the team

  2. Deeper connection amongst the team and to individual self-awareness

  3. Renewed alignment across the team with the team’s core purpose

  4. Greater confidence in oneself and team members

  5. Enhanced communication and collaboration to navigate challenges and opportunities


A customized action plan will be created by each attendee that includes learnings and practices to build capacity and integrate into day-to-day operations, and key next steps defined at the retreat for execution.

Post-retreat follow up can include learning integration calls with each team member and the leader, individual coaching as well as individual follow up sessions at the ranch focused on specific skill development as needed.

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