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Higher Ground Ranch is a beautiful 28-acre property located in Sonoma County where the fresh air, smell of hay, good animal energy, wide open sky, and wine country ambiance nurtures and inspires teams to re-frame business challenges, leadership, and teamwork in a new light.

Home to ten horses, of which six have been rescued or rehabilitated, each has its own personality and gifts they share when interacting with attendees.  They are partners in the EQ2 Programs and have a purpose and unique role in supporting learning journeys at the ranch.

The property has been created with the specific purpose of helping people achieve life, leadership and performance breakthroughs through the power and beauty of nature, interaction with the horses, and our curated support. 

Each EQ2 Program hosted at the ranch is custom designed for an individual executive or for leaders and their teams. Retreat experiences can include equine-guided activities, facilitated de-briefs, planning sessions, programming to connect teams, and integration exercises.  As well, wine tasting experiences, dining and lodging are all nearby.


All retreats are designed to bring new practices into your day-to-day work life, culture and operations. Our vision is for guests to leave Higher Ground Ranch with a restored sense of unity, renewal & possibility.

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