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Horse Grooming for Executive Development


The Leading with Clarity program is a 1-day workshop at the ranch designed to connect you with the clarity and energy that fuels your leadership, and personal power vital to accelerating business performance. As well, you will deepen essential leadership abilities that foster cohesive, high-performing teams. 


Each workshop is limited to a select group of VP, EVP or C-level equivalent leaders to optimize engagement and learning.


Post-workshop follow-up, including coaching, is available if desired.


The team program is a 1 to 3-day offsite at the ranch that foundationally activates deeper levels of trust, collaboration, connection and aligned purpose with leaders and their teams leading to new levels of performance and satisfaction.

A customized action plan will be created by each attendee that includes learnings and practices to build capacity and integrate into day-to-day operations, and key next steps for execution.

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Our process helps you define and create your team’s vision, values and plans for achieving key goals, objectives, and business outcomes. The planning process can include equine exercises if desired, or simply be inspired by the beauty of nature and the ranch as you and your team co-create your future.


EQ2 programs are for high-performing leaders and teams who never settle for the status quo and are ready for a new level of greatness.


  • the forward-thinking leaders who want to become better versions of themselves 

  • the bold executives looking to reshape teamwork and a better way of operating

  • the innovators that want to refresh cultures, inspire others and bring forth a bigger possibility

  • the visionaries who want a deeper experience and want to break out of traditional paradigms


We are in a world of uncertainty, requiring new organizational structures and ways of working. These times call for innovative leaders and better teamwork to shape the future. The advantage will belong to a new generation that can pivot often, move faster and make better decisions.

With our EQ2 programs, you can expect to:

  • Sharpen your sense of identity and presence as a leader or a team

  • Build new capacities moving beyond your current paradigm

  • Create new visions, pathways and actionable plans

  • Activate deeper levels of trust, safety and engagement

  • Learn to create an environment where answers are allowed to emerge

  • Cultivate curiosity and deep listening for better decision-making

  • Break dysfunctional patterns, assumptions and roles that limit greatness

  • Foster deeper connections, aligned purpose and a renewal of culture

EQ2 programs are completely outdoors and on the ground, where participants are interacting with but not riding horses, making it easy for everyone to participate. Prior horse experience is not required.

We design for your needs
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Executives can’t rely on historical operating structures and leadership to successfully propel their organizations forward any longer. In the world that is emerging, we believe that leaders are now being called to develop a new foundation from which teams and organizations breakthrough to new heights.  To build this foundation leaders must learn to:


  • Elevate trust, safety and engagement across the organization

  • Create an environment where answers are allowed to emerge

  • Cultivate curiosity and deep listening to harvest the wisdom of the team and organization for solutions and decision making

  • Inspire team members with their individual and organization’s purpose

  • Foster deep connections, collaboration and caring


The skills necessary to build this foundation can't be learned from traditional mental or instructive learning models. An experiential approach that engages not only the mind, but also the body and emotions is required to learn, embody and sustain these new capabilities. Horses have this intelligence and can teach us quickly how to live it.

Horses are prey animals, each guided by a strong self-preservation instinct.  Their survival is based on leadership and collaboration within the herd. When we interact with them they want to know if we can be trusted to keep them safe when we are in their presence.  They respond to how we show up without judgment and provide an unbiased and pure response to our leadership presence. 


They assess our level of trust, the clarity of our communication, our intention to create a connection and collaborate, as well as whether or not we are assertive enough to foster the results we need. They are an incredible metaphor for leadership.  Learning to connect and communicate with horses offers the opportunity to learn more effective ways of interacting with and inspiring your team members and colleagues. 


It is this kind of intelligence and set of capabilities that leaders need to guide their organizations into the future.  Horses don’t run in a hierarchy, they run in a herd and share the leadership responsibility of the herd’s wellbeing.  They have survived and thrived for thousands of years in a herd culture and we are ready to learn and integrate the best that the horses have to teach us.

Why Horses?
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Our Process





We have an in-depth conversation to understand your current business conditions, goals and objectives, performance, current culture and operating environment, as well as team dynamics.  We work with you to define clear offsite intentions and outcomes.

A customized offsite plan is prepared and reviewed with you to support your specific outcomes and incorporates equine activities, de-brief discussion, individual reflection and applied exercises to integrate learning into day-to-day operations.  As well, the completion of the Master Herder team assessment tool by all team members is included as part of the process.

Wine country tastings, farm to table dinners at the ranch, dinner at one of the many outstanding wine country restaurants, or other unique activities at or near the ranch can be built into the design.

An overview of The Five Roles of a Master Herder leadership model is provided to attendees prior to the offsite and results of the Master Herder team assessment are sent to attendees. A review of the results is done with each attendee before arriving at the ranch.




The EQ2 team will manage the delivery and facilitation of your offsite based on the retreat plan.

A customized action plan will be created by each attendee that includes learnings from their time at the ranch, specific practices to build capacity and integrate into day-to-day operations, and key next steps for execution post offsite.

Post-retreat follow up can include learning integration calls with each team member and the leader, individual coaching as well as individual follow up sessions at the ranch focused on specific skill development as needed.

Clients often want coaching support to develop key skills and to integrate learnings back into every day operations. The EQ2 team looks forward to providing the support you need to take your skills, learning and capacity to a whole new level.

Let's Get Started!

"The Five Roles of a Master Herder"

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