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There’s been one constant in 2023 so far: uncertainty and change!  You are not alone if your resilience and leadership effectiveness have been impacted.  At EQ2 Leadership™ we understand first-hand the challenges that come with leading through times of change. If you are a senior leader, please join us for a 1-day EQ2 Leadership™ workshop at our ranch in Sonoma County. 


The workshop is designed to help you connect with the vital energy that fuels your leadership, personal power and clarity to accelerate business performance. As well, you will deepen essential leadership abilities that foster cohesive, high-performing teams.


You can expect to:

  • Have a deep and enriching leadership experience that transcends traditional modalities you’ve experienced in the past

  • Create a shift that enhances leadership effectiveness and your team's business performance

  • Discover how to lead with more ease and less stress

  • Deepen core leadership abilities including:

    • Cultivating trust and empathy

    • Fostering connection and respect

    • Enhancing effective communication

    • Establishing healthy boundaries


Our EQ2 Programs integrate horse-assisted learning, one of the most innovative experiential learning methods available today. Through your participation in exercises interacting with our horses, you will benefit from their embodied teaching power which accelerates & creates long-lasting learning. All of the exercises with the horses are on the ground, not in the saddle, and prior horse experience is not required.


Horses are prey animals, each guided by a strong self-preservation instinct.  Their survival is based on leadership and collaboration within the herd. When we interact with them they want to know if we can be trusted to keep them safe when we are in their presence.  They respond to how we show up without judgment and provide an unbiased and pure response to our leadership presence. 


They assess our level of trust, the clarity of our communication, our intention to create a connection and collaborate, as well as whether or not we are assertive enough to foster the results we need. They are an incredible metaphor for leadership.  Learning to connect and communicate with horses offers the opportunity to learn more effective ways of interacting with and inspiring your team members and colleagues. 


To apply, please complete this brief form and we will respond confirming your application. 


To learn more about the transformational power of horses click here.


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